Greenhouse villas apartment homes is a fraud!!

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Greenhouse Villas Apartment homes are a fraud!They promise comfortable and safe living and charge high dollar prices for this but in reality are nothing more than a modern day hood.

we had to leave our home yeaterday and come to stay at a hotel because there was a massive gang fight right outside our building and then moved to all over the property. i have lived here for 2 years and in that time there has been a person shot and killed, regular gang activity, gang signs painted all over the property , private property being damaged ours as well as other people, my car being broken into, and threats form these kids that are living here on the property. We have tried to contact the office many times but they refuse to do anyhting and act as if we are some how causing THEM propblems. And that is only if we are lucky eneough to get a call back.

they say that they have security on the proprty but we never see them and they refuse to give the number for us to call if we need them. The mangement is awful. they make all these promise swhen in fact they do nothing. it is an insult to us as we are trapped in a lease with these people and they are not honoring anthing that was promised when we moved in.

There are many other residents on our street that we were able to to talk to yesterday and have agreed to testify in our behalf as they also want to get off us this property too.They charge almost 1200.00 a month for us to live in ***- DO NOT LEASE FROM THESE PEOPLE!!

Review about: Security And Fraud.

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